Executive Summary


The VizorNet’s technologies and that of its partners, are disruptive technologies, which we believe will change the landscape of information technology and information security, fundamentally. 

VizorNet’s focus is protecting sensitive and classified information, and intellectual property; providing individual information privacy; and preventing corporate and state-sponsored espionage with secure information assurance solutions from high-level strategic planning stages through hardware and software implementation. The business strategy and products of the company are focused on inserting a disruptive technology into the information technology and information security markets.  

These technologies are focused in the following market areas:  

  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Social Media, News Media and Entertainment 
  • Law Enforcement
  • IP Security and Industrial Security
  • Healthcare

VizorNet is primarily providing engineering and consulting services and is selling mature technologies and products.  However, it continues to develop and improve technologies in two major areas:  tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) and counter IED.  

Its NIR/SWIR surreptitious TTL technology which is focused on the military and intelligence communities and law enforcement agencies, is summarized as follows regarding its operational and performance capabilities:

  • Remote tagging of uncooperative vehicles, people and containers
  • Remote readout and no requirement for batteries
  • Tags use nanotechnology which is difficult to detect and intercept


VizorNet’s counter IED technology is intended to defeat command detonated IED’s and has the following general operational and performance capabilities:

  • Standoff detonation of command activated IEDs X hundreds of meters and does not require direct access or contact with IED
  • Can be carried on existing military platforms and is able to operate on the move
  • Is non line of sight – both directional or omni-directional with minimal interference with existing wireless and military communications
  • Uses less output power than current EMP devices and is eye safe, while weighing less than X pounds


VizorNet is part owner and/or a strategic partner with a number of companies (VizorNet Partners and Clients).  These companies and technologies provide unique and disruptive technologies that support the markets in which VizorNet is focused.


VizorNet is a one third owner of AC Group, Inc., which markets its products and services under the label “AccelComm,”. AccelComm is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and development of innovative products and test solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry.  Its communications products include:

  • Active & Passive Electronic Components
  • Engineering Services and Test Equipment for Microwave, RF & Wireless Applications
  • Amplifiers; including Bi-Directional, LNA, Gain Block, Hi-Power, and Pre-Distortion
  • Base Station Communication Components, Analog and Digital Controlled
  • Digital Design Services for System Alarm Monitoring
  • Frequency Converters and Related PLL Oscillators; Frequency LP, BP, HP Filters
  • Attenuators, Fixed and Variable, Digital Controlled
  • Switch Matrices, Analog and Digital Controlled
  • Coaxial and Instrument-Based AWG Noise Sources and Noise Generators
  • Custom Designed RF Test Equipment
  • Dual Band Mobile Phone Jammers (not for sale in the U.S.A.)

The principals are comprised of a team of talented engineers with each of them having 25 years’ experience in the Microwave, RF, Wireless Communications and Defense Electronics industries.  They have been entrusted with the responsibility of designing, testing, and manufacturing components and instruments for many US Government agencies and the Armed Forces and their prime contractors such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, etc.  In the commercial industry, their designs have been utilized by all the major wireless carriers to enhance their voice and data communications both outdoors on their towers and indoors in homes and offices.  AccelComm achieves practical and timely solutions to demanding requirements with a dedication to quality, reliability, and providing unparalleled service.    

Its portfolio of wireless extenders, repeaters, and bi-directional amplifiers enhance the coverage capability of the major U.S. mobile carriers by penetrating buildings such as office complexes, airports, and shopping malls.  Its embedded test solutions assist mobile phone equipment manufacturers in designing and qualifying their products under degraded signal conditions.  The company currently offers a line of economical, low profile fixed and mobile RF repeaters, and bidirectional amplifier modules.  These products are specifically designed to enhance cell coverage in the small business, home (SOHO) and automobile environments. AccelComm's high power amplifier test instruments and testing services for manufacturers of wireless telecommunication equipment and components meet the demands of the next generation technologies such as 4G, LTE, etc.  In 2015, the company will expand their unique line of signal jammers, that block mobile phone usage in undesirable places, to include other frequencies that may be used to transmit to explosive devices. All these jamming products are marketed outside of the U.S.A.  

AccelComm has teamed with other technology companies to enhance their product lines by adding Digital capabilities.  Dragon Eye's LidarCAM can transmit its law enforcement data to headquarters instantly and Sentry's unique 360 degree security cameras and DVR's are enhanced by AccelComm's wireless technologies.  

AccelComm's Engineering Services have assisted other companies to enhance their Analog product lines with Digital capabilities that allow for better performance, quick test, programmable logic control, event recording, and communication through today's personal computing devices and the internet.  AccelComm can provide the latest Information Technologies comprising of Virtual Servers being hosted on the cloud using VMware.  No physical servers or equipment are necessary at the office anymore.   Combined with safe email and managed anti-virus services, the only thing a client needs is a reliable fast broadband internet connection and any personal computing device using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to access the applications and data anywhere in or out of the office/job site.   

More consumers are also relying more on the mobile phone for their primary line of telecommunication because of the economic benefits.  Some have completely abandoned their traditional terrestrial line service all together.  Others, who live in fringe areas, where the coverage is unreliable, don’t share that as a viable option.  AccelComm intends to target these consumers as our marketing objective for our wireless booster product portfolio.  AccelComm line of Linear High Power Single Carrier Amplifiers for GSM, EDGE and CDMA applications target the OEM’s to handle increasing consumer demand from the wireless telecom providers.  

The company’s business includes the sale of custom test equipment for mobile phone, infrastructure, and signal test systems.  The test equipment is used to assist manufacturers in producing reliable power amplifier, active/passive components, and handset designs for the wireless industry.  Utilizing Accelcomm technologies, any frequency requested can be enhanced and boosted depending on the application specified by the customer.  

AccelComm is one of the few companies globally that can utilize the technology of Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) in its products.  AWGN is a basic noise model used in information theory to mimic the effect of many random processes that occur in nature.  It can be manipulated at many frequencies and power levels to be used as a signal source.  Many legacy defense technologies use noise sources and the D.O.D. is in demand of vendors that can supply them.  Accelcomm engineers have designed such components that are in use in Military (Land, Air & Sea), Satellite, and Broadcast applications.    

Wireless telecommunications is an industry that is ever-changing for both commercial and defense electronics and AccelComm products will continue to meet the demands of its customers.  


Qoobex, Inc.

There are many commercial, government, and military applications that would use the technology that Qoobex provides.  

  • Qoobex’s platform is going live to every LG 3-D TV Webos across the world (other companies soon following).  It allows 3-D without special glasses.
  • The app will be free to download and install to every LG 3-D TV Webos device worldwide.
  • This will connect the LG 3-D TVs with our Cloud 3-D Network and give Qoobex direct access to (more than) 22 million 3-D TV households (x2 viewers) worldwide.
  • Professional 3-D content providers could monetize through Qoobex’s VoD and/or Ad system.
  • Qoobex is the first company to deliver 3-D commercials directly to millions of viewers worldwide. 
  • Qoobex’s advanced Ad system can launch totally customized 3-D Ad campaigns targeting anything from the whole global market to any zip code area.
  • Currently Qoobex develops the software to connect the Samsung 3-D TVs and Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality) to Qoobex Global 3-D Network (expected roll out Feb 2016). 
  • Sony, Panasonic, Android, iOS are planned to be connected in 2016.

Among the advanced military applications that Qoobex technology allows:

    • Manned 3-D Operations [MMO 3-D]
    • Unmanned 3-D Operations [UMO 3-D] 
    • Intelligence 3-D [I 3-D]
    • Resilient Command & Control 3-D Centers [RCC 3-D]
    • Simulation & Training 3-D [SIM 3-D]


  • MEDICAL apps:
    • Medical Simulation [MSIM 3-D]
    • Advanced Diagnostic Tool [Ultrasound 3-D, MRI 3-D]
    • Medical Operations [Laparoscopy 3-D])
    • PTSD treatment [PTSD 3-D]



GreenZone, Systems, Inc.

GreenZone Systems Inc., is a leader in providing secure mobile communications solutions for the government and private sector. Leveraging commercial technologies, they develop and deliver secure communications and computing capabilities to protect data and communications against current and emerging threats. GreenZone designs custom and discrete secure mobile communications solutions through their unique portfolio of patented software- and hardware-fortified technologies. 



•   C5ISR •   Rapid Crisis Response •   Executive Force Protection •   Counter Violent Extremist Organization (VEO) Ops •   Tactical Reconnaissance •   Sensor Data Control •   Identity Operations •   Network Defense/Cybersecurity •   Alternative Communications Transport

GREENZONE MICROCLOUD X4 is the world’s first and only programmable computer on a microSD card. Designed for commercial off-the-shelf Android devices, the X4 enables secure communications, discrete operation and high-performance computation for real-time data sharing, storage and processing. TIPRNET An all-black, global network that provides trusted routing of sensitive data to enable secure voice, messaging and data transfer over existing Wi-Fi and commercial cellular networks.

SECURE COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS: SAIFE MOBILE Secure communications application for encrypted peer-to-peer calls, text, multimedia and group messaging and location-tracking capabilities. SAIFE CONNECT Patented secure tunnel VPN solution that is resilient against DDoS attacks and allows for secure data transfer and backup. GREENCAMERA & GREENGALLERY Securely provides discrete imagery collection and real-time sharing on commercial Android devices.

GreenZone Systems Inc. provides their customers with what they demand: TRUSTED COMMUNICATIONS IN UNTRUSTED ENVIRONMENTS.

SECURE COMMS ON UNTRUSTED BYOB DEVICES: Secure voice, text, multimedia and group messaging capabilities for commercial smart devices. 

MILITARY-GRADE SECURITY: “Protect then connect” authentication paradigm with bi-directional authentication, AES-256 –bit encryption, and FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography for secure data in transit and at rest.

EASE-OF-USE/MANAGEMENT: Capabilities and solutions are designed for quick and easy setup and use, with powerful remote management capabilities for increased situational awareness and responsiveness. DATA CONTROL: Organizations have complete control of their data…

NETWORK VERSATILITY: Provides secure communications over untrusted and commercial cellular 3G and 4G, satellite and other networks.

GreenZone’s SAIFE is a lightweight, cost-effective, and flexible solution for thwarting attacks against the SCADA systems of electric utilities and for ensuring compliance with NERC/FERC regulations and NIST guidelines. Key Capabilities include and use cases as found in the linked document.

Engineering Services 

Engineering and consulting services help VizorNet position itself with other IT companies and in the marketplace for its products. Under present and future contracts, VizorNet has been performing engineering services at the highest levels of Government security, including in the market areas shown on the first page.